Armageddongee: Saymonhe,they're sieging us.Prepare the second line!

Saymonhe: Wat second line

Armageddongee: Ya' know,the second defense line,when you put some soldier in a part,and you take behind them other soldiers for eventuality.

Saymonhe: We've not got any second line,sir!

Armageddongee: U


M8?! *Armageddongee's eyes fall*

-How Armageddongee lost the Arlic War

Saymonhe is the cousin of Armageddongee,he's stupid,random and reeeaaaally crazy.He rarely meets Armageddongee.His enemy is Thanorpe.His power is the Hue,which is a strange laughing mindrape and a type of shade.He is known in the Armageddon Kingdom for being the teenagers'hero,for his swagness,yoloness and stuff.He also is immune to a lot of things due to his stupidity,and can do things againist the laws of phisycs cause potato (He's crazy,m8).His current design is V2,his V1 is now Saymonhe-Bot